A Beginning.... the Universal Prayer Garden & Labyrinth

Welcome!   This is my first post, so I thought I'd tell you a bit about the pictures of the Universal Prayer Garden & Labyrinth that I am using on this site. 

The Garden is located behind Our Lady of Hope Church (formerly St. Bridget's Church) at 8074 Rt. 22, Copake Falls, in beautiful, rural Columbia County, NY.

The picture on this page is of the approach to the garden from the church.  The Garden was a project nurtured by a small group of people to provide a prayer-sanctuary for all.  It was carefully designed and built by Robbie Haldane.  It honors the Irish immigrants who founded the original St. Bridget's Church in the village of Copake Falls in the 1800s.

The Garden is a circle of Irish-style dry-laid wall, with openings to the four directions, topped by a hawthorn hedge.   Interspersed in the hedge-mound are eight oak trees and eight crab-apple trees.  These trees--hawthorn, oak and apple--are three of the sacred tree species in Celtic lore.

Surrounding the walled garden are standing stones donated, blessed, and sent by elders of the Skatioke Indian Tribe.  Within the Garden is a cobble-stone 7-circuit labyrinth.

The Garden location was initially dedicated on the Feast of the Assumption in 2003, and the completed Garden was consecrated and blessed as a prayer-sanctuary on the Feast of the Assumption in 2008.

I invite you to stop by and spend some time in this lovely sacred, liminal space when you are in the area.  Copake Falls is tucked into the Taconic Hills near Taconic State Park close to the border of Massachusetts.  The church and Garden are situated on NY Rt. 22 between Millerton, NY, and Hillsdale, NY.