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Unitative Listening and Beyond

This webinar workshop is for Certified Music Practitioners or students in the Music for Healing & Transition Program. 

Unitative Listening is a trans-personal practice and process developed by Melinda Gardiner for use by the Music for Healing & Transition Program.  It is based on the Krieger-Kunz method of Therapeutic Touch.  Unitative Listening enhances the ability of Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs) to prepare themselves purposefully to deliver prescriptive therapeutic music at the bedside. 

This presentation expands our understanding of where this practice fits in relationship to other trans-personal and ancient practices for self-development. It examines, deepens and expands the practice so that workshop participants may use it as part of their regular self-care practice, deepening their ability to remain emotionally healthy, grounded, and able to avoid burn-out.  This presentation will help participants increase sensitivity and confidence in assessing, and then meeting patients' needs.

Session length - 3 hours - 3 MHTP CEUs - cost: $20.00

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