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The Voice & Chant: Enhancing your Therapeutic Presence

This webinar workshop is offered to therapeutic musicians who are graduates of NSBTM accredited programs as well as the students of those programs. It is also open to anyone who loves to sing. 

Are you a therapeutic musician who likes to sing, but has not found a way to integrate your voice into your work with patients, or would like to use your voice for self-care?  Are you an instrumentalist who would like to explore chants of different cultures? 

Simple chants from different cultures with meaningful lyrics can provide a lovely vehicle for focusing your therapeutic intention, deepening intimacy and connection, and facilitating healing.   

This workshop will cover these topics: why the voice is a vehicle that can intensify the possibility for greater intimacy and healing as you serve patients; how therapeutic singing differs from “performance” singing; how chants can be used to open up possibilities for improvisation on your instrument; exercises that will help you embody the therapeutic voice; learning chants from diverse cultures that you can use in your therapeutic music practice; and information on sources for finding chants from many cultures.

Session Length: 3 hours - 3 MHTP CEUs - cost: $25.00

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